The Very Warm is from New York City. Based in a city that embraces art, grit, conversation and diverse culture we aim to do the same in each season and through every product that is created.

Everything we make is made with the highest quality fabrics and trims. We appreciate the details. We think you do as well.

Each piece is a mini collaboration with an artist that we’ve grown to love and appreciate. They are from as far as New Zealand or as local as Brooklyn. We want each piece to be a conversation opportunity and a culture catalyst. Dynamic simplicity and catalytic complexity. 

The Very Warm; curated in New York City.



This season, The Very Warm opened it’s very first store & gallery in collaboration with Odin New York. The shop lived in its own space with the Odin SoHo store. The Very Warm AW17 Collection is on full display along with the works of art that inspired each piece. The full collection, the actual art and a curated array of prints are available for purchase on our website (email for information on the artwork).