We are The Very Warm

In a world where cold exists, we will always seek out the warmth.

The Very Warm is just that: a snug and stylish shield against the cold. We craft very warm outerwear to ensure that every element is your element.

We provide maximum coziness in minimal temps.

We are more than an outerwear brand, we are a community with a purpose.

We believe in reasons, not seasons, and look to make the world a warmer place by designing products and experiences that embrace and inspire.

Beyond a protective shell, however, The Very Warm is rooted in the principle that a candle loses nothing by lighting another. We warm our wearers so they can warm others in turn -- with kindness, inclusion, and the bridging of differences.

The last thing we need is another cold shoulder. We keep you warm enough to drop your guard. This way your authentic self can shine.

We seek real connections and with them, a true sense of belonging.

Together we build community, strength, unity, and together - we make warmth.